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Ben Sung Chamber Music Residency

In the Fall of 2014, GFPS Red River High School teacher, Jeff Seabloom, was awarded funds from the Foundation for his project, Dr. Ben Sung Chamber Music Residency.

 Dr. Sung visited the orchestra several times over the course of the year.  Each of his visits was a day long and would involve working both with the orchestra and individually with students.  He visited six times over the course of the year; once each in September, November, January, March, and twice in April.

 During rehearsals in class, Dr. Sung worked with the students in a number of ways.  He played side by side with them, he coached them in sectionals, conducted them in rehearsals, and discussed his approach to playing, technique, and music in general.  When he was not in class, Dr. sung worked with students both individually in lessons and in chamber groups.  He helped prepare them for festivals, auditions, concerts, and for preparing college applications.  Students were enthusiastic in making use of the time that Dr. Sung was visiting.  They were more than enthusiastic to sign up to work with him as often as they could.

On April 30, 2015, the project concluded with a day of chamber music rehearsals in the Performance Hall in preparation for the recital that evening.  He worked with 17 different ensembles and 42 students, many of who were in more than one ensemble. 

Through this grant, we were able to bring a much more extended opportunity for the students to work with Dr. Sung than would otherwise have been possible.  In doing so, the students were able to work much more in depth, and have a broader range of experiences.  We were also able to forge a meaningful and strong partnership with a wonderful educator and musician, one that will not end with the conclusion of this project.

This grant was funded by the Foundation's Heartland Partners Endowment Fund. Permanently restricted endowed funds are the backbone of the Foundation's funding for grants and scholarships. You can donate online by using the form below, and give the gift of education to the students and staff of the Grand Forks Public Schools.

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